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Stefanie Tsabar

Work with Me

1-on-1 Coaching

I help parents bring peace to the table and get their children on track for a healthy life free of picky eating and obsession over sweets and snacks.

Some commons concerns that I can help you with:

  • Teach your kids how to enjoy sweets in moderation without constantly wanting more.
  • Empower your kids to eat more veggies and try new foods without pressure.
  • Stop being a short-order cook and learn to make one meal that everyone in your family loves.
  • Get your kids stop begging for snacks in between meals.
  • Learn how teach your kids to make healthy choices on their own.

For inquiries regarding private coaching, please contact me at stefanie [at] stefanietsabar [dot] com.


I am available to speak to parent groups, such as those at preschools and elementary schools, play groups, and Lunch and Learns.

Topics include:

  • 3 Keys To Getting Your Kids To Eat More Vegetables & Stop Begging For Sweets.
  • Misconceptions about “picky” eating and what normal eating for kids really looks like.
  • How to plan meals that children will actually eat (and enjoy!)… without catering to them.
  • Why most feeding strategies, like the 2-bite rule or restricting certain foods, usually backfire.

For inquiries, contact me at stefanie [at] stefanietsabar [dot] com.