Stefanie Tsabar


I used to be the queen of short-order cooking.

I was so afraid of my son going to bed hungry, and I had no confidence with my cooking.

So, I would serve his favorite meals over and over again, and deluded myself into believing that it wasn’t a problem since the food was always healthy.

But, constantly catering to our children’s likes and dislikes is not supportive to ourselves – or to our children.

Luckily, I have learned that there is a better way.

Learn How To Cook With Consideration and Not Catering

Many of us parents think that the solution to catering to our kids’ likes and dislikes is to force them to eat the meal we prepared or to let them go to bed hungry.

Thankfully, there is a more supportive and calmer way to achieve peace at the dinner table.

Below are my best free resources to learn how to serve meals that you actually enjoy preparing, while also having confidence that your kids will like the food and eat it without a fuss:

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How to Make One Meal that Everyone Loves

It might be surprising to learn that cooking for a family with so many different tastes is easier than you might think. Read this to learn how.

Tips for Packing Lunch

Most of us parents dread opening our kids’ lunchboxes after school.  Find out how to pack lunches that you can feel confident about and that your kids will love.

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