Stefanie Tsabar


Nothing is more visceral for parents than wanting our kids to eat well and be healthy.

And, most of us start our parenting journeys with dreams of Pinterest-worthy family meals and spending glorious Sunday mornings cooking with our little ones on the stool beside us.

The reality, though, is that feeding our kids can be hard.

And the reason is that a lot of us were not taught how to cook, how to prepare a meal with a variety of tastes to appease, or how kids eat.

Learn How to Teach Your Kids to Eat Well Without the Pressure and Alot More Fun

Research shows that forcing and restricting our kids’ food backfires. Even if they eat more vegetables from being pressured, in the long run, they will choose not to eat them.

So, what else can parents do to make sure that our kids eat their fruits and veggies?

Below are my top free resources that will show you how your children can learn to eat healthy food, and ENJOY it at the same time. It is easier than you might think.

5 Ways to Get your Kids to Eat More Vegetables without the Fuss

We’ve all been there, trying to hide veggies into spaghetti sauce or forcing our kids to take just one bite. Here is a calmer way that actually works.

3 Steps to Ending Kids’ Obsession with Dessert

Learn how to kick desserts off their pedestal once and for all so that your kids can learn to savor sweets without obsessing over them.

Forcing and Restricting Our Kids’ Food

Most of us parents were taught that it is our job to decide what and how much our kids eat. Read this to find out what the research says.

Our Children are Watching How we Eat… Like Hawks!

We have to make a decision. Knowing the power we hold to influence our kids, are we willing to continue battling ourselves over food? Read this now and decide.

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