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Stefanie Tsabar


“We are definitely going to have Stefanie back, she has a really nice teaching style and serves up the facts and new things to try in such a non-imposing way and ultimately doesn’t make you feel like you’re a bad parent for some of your existing habits and practices. She intertwined her own anecdotes about her 8 year old son so nicely into her presentation to prove that we were ‘all in it together’ and she herself is still trying to new things.  The message of ‘stop trying to control your kid’s eating experiences’ was delivered in such a nice way that I know everyone walked out of there with a few more tools in their boxes to try.”
-Erica Moore-Burton, Esq.
Attorney, Career Strategist & President Outstanding Mothers’ Gathering, Los Angeles

“Stefanie — it was an absolute pleasure to have you come talk to our parents. Plus I learned so much!! As a matter of fact, we started implementing family-style dinners and no pressure eating at our house immediately. My son skipped the broccoli but my daughter didn’t. Also, each kiddo had extra helpings of salmon (daughter – two servings and son – three servings). No fighting or tears :)”
-Nancy Tovar Huxen
SM Manager & PTO Parent, Montessori School of Manhattan Beach

“Both my children have different (opposite) relationships with food – one  appears to have a good sense of hunger self-regulation and the other appears to have a low sense of hunger self-regulation and a lot of anxiety surrounding food. I was given the tools to guide and support each child. Mealtimes are more relaxing and pleasant. I absolutely recommend your coaching. It is a lot of new information and will provide new ways of thinking and tools for many parents for feedings.  We worry so much about nutrition, what and how much is okay and not okay. Dealing with sweets and our children’s demands for them are a big issue for most families.  Your coaching puts a lot of issues at ease for everyone.”
– Vanessa V.
Artist, Los Angeles

“I feel grateful for Stefanie’s counsel to lead me to a place where I am enjoying meal planning and food preparation again without worrying that I am going to have to fight with my kids about what to eat.  I have so many great stories to share. In the last two weeks, I have seen my kids try new foods, serve themselves vegetables without me telling them to, and enjoy their dinner experience. I can visibly see my kids relax when I tell them what’s for dinner and assure them that I always include something that is familiar to them. Regarding my husband, he is supportive of DOR and appreciated the explanation and success stories.  It has helped us feel more like partners, and made me feel more supported in my efforts.”
– Stephanie Dreyer
Founder VeegMama, Los Angeles