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Stefanie Tsabar

I’m so glad you’re here…


My name is Stefanie Tsabar, and I am a mom, Parent Coach and Family Dinner Expert.

I help parents bring peace to their dinner table every night in a way that reduces their stress and gives them the confidence they need to raise the healthiest of eaters.

When my son was younger, we were caught up in power struggles over food, just like so many other families, and no matter how many “kid-friendly” recipes I served, nothing worked.

After months of research, I found my answer with a scientifically proven strategy that teaches kids to eat mindfully and to make healthy choices; and that deepens the bond between parent and child.

Since I was training myself without a coach, it took me years to master the protocol.

But, once I did, the results were astounding: my son started trying new foods, including vegetables, and stopped begging for dessert throughout dinner… all with a lot more peace and connection.

I wanted every parent to know what I’d learned so they wouldn’t have to struggle anymore with feeding their kids, so I started teaching them what I knew.

All parents can learn how to make dinner a success every single night. I can help.

Before discovering this work, I co-authored the illustrated children’s book, Friending Your Emotions, danced with American Ballet Theatre, co-founded an interior design studio and worked as a political fundraiser in NYC.