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What we’re eating


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a sample of my weekly menu plan. This is my plan for next week.

As always, I break down both new and familiar foods so that you can see how I choose recipes for each meal. The “new” foods are the ones that my son has not learned to like… yet!

I hope it’s helpful and gives you ideas for how to plan your own family’s meals as well as a few new recipe ideas!

Sunday: DIY Sandwiches

DIY Sandwiches are our go-to Sunday meal. I’m usually baking a lot over the weekend, so by the time dinner rolls around, I’m not in the mood to cook a whole lot!

  • Familiar: Sourdough baguettes with cheese (cow and vegan), sliced avocado, grapes, sliced apples, vegan bacon.
  • New: sliced raw veggies

Monday: Homemade Pizza

I used to use Ezekiel tortillas as the “crust” for my homemade pizzas, but even though my family loved them, we got reallllly bored with those after a while. Now, I use Trader Joe’s frozen Organic Pizza Crusts (they also have a gluten-free crust), which is pretty healthy!

  • Familiar: I let my son choose what goes on his pizza, usually pineapple, black olives and basil or just plain cheese. My husband and I load it up with black olives, tomatoes, red onions and pineapple.
  • New: Avocado and tomato salad

Tuesday: Curry

Wednesday: Quesadillas

  • Familiar: Black bean and cheese quesadillas with whole wheat olive oil tortillas. 
  • New: Roasted acorn squash

Thursday: Best Burgers

Beyond Meat just brought its new vegan burger to California Whole Foods. And, let me tell you, it literally looks, smells and tastes JUST LIKE BEEF. 

My family is now a bit obsessed with them.

  • Familiar: Beyond Meat Burgers with whole wheat buns, sliced onions, cheese with oven fries.
  • New: Sliced tomatoes

Friday: Leftovers or Something Easy!

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