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Stefanie Tsabar

How to systematize your recipes


Can you believe it’s already the holiday season? I hope you’re having a wonderful time!

Whether you’re traveling, going to parties or staying cozy at home, it can be such a nice sense of relief to get away from your typical schedule.

However, before you know it, you’ll be getting back to the daily realities of life, including cooking dinner every night!

New Year’s Day is in just 11 days.

Wouldn’t it be great to have your recipes and menu planning in order so that  by January 1st you will be excited to cook?!

Today’s video is about how to systematize your recipes so that you can meal plan and cook quickly and easily.

It is the final video in my series How to organize your recipes and de-clutter your mind. In the first two videos, you learned How to Choose the Perfect Recipes and How to Spruce up Your Recipe Collection: The Foolproof Way to Sort Through Your Recipes.

If you feel like you have to force yourself to meal plan every week or that you haven’t found the right system to follow, it could be that you just haven’t learned how to streamline and organize your recipes.

I hope you give it a try! I think you’ll be amazed by how effortless it is to meal plan.

Sending you all my best wishes for the holiday season!

If you have a friend who is in a dinner rut, forward this email to them.They can learn a realistic way to organize their recipes so that they can meal plan successfully.

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