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Stefanie Tsabar

Packing Quick Camp (or Beach Day!) Lunches



Are you taking a big sigh of relief now that it’s the end of the school year?

I am! However, just because we don’t have to pack school lunches for 3 months doesn’t mean we get a break from making our kids’ lunches everyday!

So, whether you’ll be packing lunches for camp, a day at the beach or a lazy day at home, today I’m sharing 6 lunches you can make in less than 5 minutes.

I made them for my son as I cleaned up after dinner, and as you’ll see in my photos, they don’t have to be fancy or time-consuming in order to be healthy, fast and delicious.

Before you get started, here are my main tips:

  1. Use leftovers from dinner as much as possible.
  2. Go heavy on fresh fruit.
  3. Use bento boxes to inspire you to fill the squares with a variety of foods.

Lunch #1:
Trader Joe’s Quinoa & Brown Rice Pasta with a drizzle of olive oil and shredded cheddar cheese ((leftovers from dinner), mandarins, roasted pumpkins seeds & raisins, strawberries, chocolate


Lunch #2
Applegate Farms turkey cheese burger on whole wheat bun, carrots, Peeled Snacks Peas Please, chocolate. I assembled everything the night before, and then made the burger in the morning. Then, I wrapped the burger in parchment paper so it wouldn’t make the bun soggy.


Lunch #3
Fruit, roasted sweet potatoes, Trader Joe’s falafels,
Healthy Rice Crispy Treat & dark chocolate.


Lunch #4
Shrimp scampi w/ pasta (leftovers from dinner), dried pineapples, pretzels, TJ’s Squishers, prunes.


Lunch #5
Turkey and cheese sandwich on sprouted bread, cara cara oranges, pretzels, banana oat muffin with raisins, chocolate covered sunflower seeds.


Lunch #6
Goat cheese & sun-dried tomato ravioli (leftovers from dinner) with a drizzle of olive oil, pears, frozen peas, gluten-free baked cheese crackers, dried mandarins.


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